The Making of Great Britain

The Making of Great Britain highlights the changing religious, political, and social landscape of late Tudor through early Georgian Britain, as reflected in early modern British works held by Rare and Distinctive Collections, the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries and by the CU Art Museum. 

The exhibit was co-curated by the students of HIST 4143, The Making of Great Britain, the University of Colorado Boulder: Jacob Agona, Lucas Blackwood, Claire Brothers, Daniel Clemenson, Dane Flanders, Joseph Gardner, Zach Gauthier, Connor Hein, Conner Hougen, John Kelleher, Katie Lambertson, Kyle Mayfield, Cameron McCrillis, Joshua Murphy, William Ogden, Kailynn Renfro, Justin White, Michael White, Colin Wong, Elena Zhuo, and T.A. Kate Foster.  The course was taught and exhibit curation led by Dr. Susan Guinn-Chipman.

The exhibit text for each piece displayed in this exhibit is the result of the students' object-based learning, with in-person analyses and close readings of original, rare materials held by the Rare Books and the Map Collections, Rare and Distinctive Collections, and by the CU Art Museum in multiple class sessions held over the course of the Spring Semester of 2022.

Special thanks are owed to Dr. Hope Saska and Maggie Mazzullo, CU Art Museum, to the Rare Books Collection, and to Ilene Raynes and Naomi Heiser of the Map Collection, Rare and Distinctive Collections, CU Boulder Libraries, with guest lecturers Jim Hensinger and Lorraine Sherry.

Banner Image: Gerardi Mercatoris atlas sive cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura.  Amsterdam, 1630. Rare and Distinctive Collections, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries.