The Making of Great Britain

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The Making of Great Britain

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Anatomy of Melancholy
This is the third edition (1628) of Burton’s increasingly comprehensive text, first published in 1621 and expanded from 1624 to 1651.

Issac Newton's Opticks title page
Opticks: or, a Treatise of the reflecions, refractions, inflections and colours of Light also two Treatises of the species and Magnitude of Curvilinea Figures.

A Short View of the Late Troubles in England
William Dugdale's account of the English Civil War as he sees it from a Royalist point of view

Acts and Monuments
Old copy of John Foxe's Acts and Monuments

Paradise Lost
Pages and etches from Paradise Lost 4th Edition

King James Bible
Bible translation and publishing in 1613

Equations  of Newton
Sir Isaac Newton was a very mathematics driven person, he used many different equations to build and test his hypothesis. Giving proof beyond the unobservable things we could not see with the naked eye.

Illustrations of Aesop's Fables:  the Fox and the Cat
These images were drawn by etcher Wenceslaus Hollar, and subsequently used in John Ogilby’s Aesop Fables. Each drawing was given a title and morally focused story that encouraged readers to learn from the past to move forward. These stories were…

Definitions and propositions.
Various Definitions and propositions from Sir Isaac Newton
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